There is a reason everyone loves a nice cuppa’ –

For us, we are hustlers that work hard,play hard and thus we always needed a reliable sidekick to go with us. We needed the kick to power us thru our mornings and recharge our nights.

Over time, that became caffeine – coffee, tea, it didn’t matter.

What mattered to us was how much we’ve had to spend on specialty coffee, and hence we started The Caffeine Co. with the vision to bring specialty coffee that tastes amazing, easy to carry and make, and no upfront ‘investments!’

As they say: Apa lagi M’sians mau?

Also, we aim to bring a light-hearted worldview & enlightenment to fellow caffeine addicts – life is hard, why make it harder? We were, and still are at our core, someone who hustles.

And so we want to tell you, it OK to break away from routine and take a break, be a little experimental and have fun, chill-lah!

Take a breath - celebrate the small wins, and most importantly, be yourself and love yourself.

Drop us a message to discuss coffee philosophy, or just to TCSS: